日期/ Date:2021-09-07

1.Submit the required information for the hotel (please see another note)


2.Take your body temperature before 11 a.m. and 5 p.m. and report it to the counter every day


3.Meal delivery time:
Breakfast 7:00a.m.-8:00a.m. Lunch 12:00p.m.-1:00p.m. Dinner 6:00p.m.-7:00p.m. ★No refunds will be given if meals are not required
★If we find that the previous meal is still on the table when delivering the next meal, we will withdraw the meal in order to prevent guests eating the spoiled meal and causing discomfort.


4.Avoid opening windows in the room, and do not turn off the air conditioner.


5.The check-out time is before 11:00 a.m. after the home quarantine. Please help open the windows, turn off the air conditioner, and close the door when you check-out. It is forbidden to leave the room before check-out. Due to route arrangement, if you want to go out after the home quarantine , it is deemed as a check-out, and you cannot enter the hotel again.


6.Any garbage are required to put on the red basin at door step before 10:00 a.m.、9:00 p.m.(No need to sort garbage,and please tie up the garbage bag tightly).


7.If you feel encounter any symptoms or discomfort, please call the anti-epidemic hotline 02-2375-3782 or the free hotline 1922, and inform the staff at the counter.


8.Please do not request to transfer any items to others. Except for daily garbage cleaning.


9.Order for meal delivery outside of the hotel, kindly make full payment online. Please provide full name and room number under remarks.“The hotel” will not provide advance payment for any online purchase made.


10.A.Temporary storage at hotel refrigerator will be terminated. Guests are encouraged to utilize the refrigerator which make available in the room.


11.Towels only provides disposable towels. If you have customary toiletries, please bring your own.


12.Laundry delivery is not provided. You can ask for washing powder at the counter if you need laundry.


13.Housekeeping service will be ceased temporary. Please ensure the cleanliness of the room.


14.When using alcohol for environmental cleaning, please spray the alcohol on the cloth first, and then wipe it. Do not spray
alcohol directly on the furniture to avoid damage to the furniture.


15.Before checking out, please make sure whether there are any dropped items. After checking out, if there are any dropped items in the room, they will be thrown.


16.Please follow the regulations of the home quarantine. According to law, if there is any violation, the hotel has the right to refuse reception and notify the relevant units.


17.The room is equipped with wired network and wireless Wi-Fi, but the bandwidth is limited. It is recommended to apply for unlimited data plan or rent a Wi-Fi router. If you rent a Wi-Fi router, you can send it to the hotel in advance. Be sure to write the name of the occupant and the check-in date in the remarks and inform the hotel.


18.No Smoking.  Please contact the counter if you have other questions.


Method of calls fee

For calls inside TAIPEI:

NT$1~3/minute, less than 1 minute is calculated as 1 minute

Long-distance call:

NT$2~5/per minute, less than 1 minute is calculated as 1 minute

Mobile phone:

NT$12~15/minute, less than 1 minute is calculated as 1 minute


*When you encounter emergency situations (ex.: earthquakes, fires...), if you do not hear the hotel staff's announcement to evacuate,please evacuate according to the direction of the evacuation map behind the door. But must wear a mask as long as you can. Leaving the room at this situation is not subject to fines for illegal going out.


2021.11.11 update

2022.1.18 update
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